Step 1) - From the home screen, navigate to the Order Tools section and select Email Templates

Step 2) - Select new template on the right hand side 

Step 3) Use the exemplar template on the right hand side to guide your customisation, each text box has accompanying guidance to inform your every step! 

Step 4) Pro tips: You can use a “colour grabber” extension/plug in on your browser to find the right HEX code that fits your company colours! Tip 2: Use the preview feature to check out how your design looks before committing to it. 

Step 5) Click create template, this will then navigate you back to the email template home page. From there, scroll down, and locate your newly created template code! It will start TEM-xxxxxxx

Step 6) Copy your email template code and apply it in your csv when sending out via bulk upload, alternatively, if you’re using single send - you will have the option to send it out with the newly created template from a drop down bar on the right hand side!