How does cancellation work?

Orders can now be cancelled directly in Connect! However, this feature only works if the consumer is on unspent value, hasn’t clicked the link and the link hasn’t expired. Once cancelled, the cost of the link is refunded to your float at the end of the invoice cycle. Please be aware that if a link is cancelled, sadly it cannot be reactivated.

How do I use the cancellation feature?

Cancelling an order is easy! However, you can only cancel an order if the consumer hasn’t clicked the link and the link hasn’t expired. Please follow the simple steps below to cancel an order.

  1. Click on "Your Orders" and select "Customer Service" in Connect. Then Enter the order ID and then click "Search" which then will bring up the order details as seen below. Finally, click on the order that you would like to cancel.

  1. Once you have clicked on the order, you will see more details on the order as seen below. You're now ready to move onto the next step!

  1. Please scroll down to where you will see further information on the gift card links. As you can see below, you will be able to see if the link has expired or been accessed. If the link hasn’t expired and has not been accessed, please move onto the next step. If the link has expired or has been accessed, sadly you will not be able to you the cancel feature.

  1. Click on the "More options" button and then you will see the option to cancel the ordered item". Please click "Cancel order item". Please be aware that at this time the feature only allows you to cancel a single order item.

  1. A confirmation message will then appear asking you to confirm the order cancellation. Please read the message before clicking "Confirm order item cancellation". Once the order is cancelled the funds will be refunded back to your float during your next invoice cycle.

If you have experienced any issues during this process, please feel free to contact our customer support team at and we will be more than happy to assist you further.