How do I make a stock order request?

If you require more stock of a particular gift card, there are two ways this can be done:

1. Submitting a stock order request from your WeGift Connect account:

  • Log in to your WeGift Connect Account
  • Find the gift card brand your want to make a stock order request for
  • Click on the Stock Request Order tab
  • Enter the quantity next to the relevant denominations
  • Click Create Stock Request
  • Check your order is correct and click Commit to Purchase
  • Our system will give you estimated timelines on when to expect the stock
  • Please note - You will be notified by email once your order has been fulfilled. To access this stock, you will need to download it from Your Orders > History, you can then distribute the links as you please. These gift cards cannot be sent via API

2. You can request further stock of a particular gift card via email to - please provide the team with the exact brand, country/currency and an outline of the specific denominations you require.

Please note - These gift cards will not be sent directly to you, nor will they be ring-fenced specifically for your company within WeGift Connect. These gift cards will be available for anyone else to also purchase.

I have a big promotional campaign coming up, how can I ensure there are enough gift cards available for my orders?

You should always provide our team with prior warning for any special offers or promotional campaigns you have coming up so we can help to ensure we have enough gift cards in stock.

Please provide us with:

  • Names of the gift card brands that are likely to be offered in the campaign
  • A forecast of approximate volumes you expect for the gift cards
  • Specific dates the promotion is running for

This can be sent to directly to our Customer Success team at or directly to our Inventory team with our Customer Success team copied in to the email.