Managing your WeGift float


How do I top up my float?

  1. Log in to your WeGift Connect account
  2. Select Finance then Balance & Top Up
  3. Click the Top Up button on the top right hand side
  4. Select the currency, enter the payment amount and select the payment method
  5. If you select Bank Transfer and click Submit Top up request, you will be shown the WeGift bank account details where you can transfer the funds
  6. Please note - To ensure a smooth transaction, use your unique Customer Reference when completing the transaction. The payment should be completed within approximately 3 hours if you do not use this you will incur delays with your top up
  7. The top up will generally be complete within 3 hours once you include the Customer Reference in your transaction

How can I be notified if my float balance is running low?

To avoid your float running unexpectedly low, why not utilise the notification preferences in your WeGift Connect account. You can set warning thresholds for any of the currencies you use within your account so you can be notified by email if your float drops below this number.

To set this up:

  1. Log in to your WeGift Connect account
  2. Click Account Settings followed by Notification Preferences
  3. Enter the threshold you'd like to receive notifications for under the relevant currency
  4. Click Update Preferences

What should I do if my recent payment has not topped up my float?

If you have submitted a payment to WeGift using the correct bank details and using your Unique customer reference but the payment has not appeared in your account after 24 hours, please contact our Finance Team at and include the following:

  • Copy in your Customer Success Manager (if unknown include our team email address
  • Attach full proof of payment ensuring that the status is approved/contains a completed transaction ID
  • Specify the float you submitted the payment to

How can I immediately top up my float?

To instantly top up your WeGift float, please select the Credit/Debit card payment method when topping up your float. A good use case for this is when banks are closed over the weekend or on public holidays.