There are 4 different ways of sending a Gift Card through the WeGift Connect Portal.

  1. Single Send
  2. Bulk Upload
  3. Bulk Download
  4. Select Link

1. Creating an order: Single Send

Step 1: Go to the tab "Create Order" and click "Single Send"

Step 2: To create  the order select product, type in the value and recipient Delivery Email and Email Subject.

Step 3: Once all details are filled in click 'Gift Now'

Step 4: Once clicked 'Gift Now' you will be taken to another page to review the order. If happy click "Commit to Purchase" and the Gift Card will be sent instantly to the recipient. 

In the Screenshot, the Email Template is set to default which means the recipient will receive the standard email template that is created. If you want to customise your email templates this can be done under " Order Tools" please see the article on Creating Email Templates for this.

2. Creating an Order: Bulk Upload

Step 1: Under create orders go to Bulk Upload and click on + New Upload

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Step 2: Create a CSV file with with the order details: Product , Value, Quantity, Description, Delivery Email, Email Template, Subject line, Wrap.  Not all fields are mandatory as outlined in the screenshot below of Column Definitions.

.Example CSV File to upload: 

Column Definitions:


Step 3: Once the CSV file is complete upload the file onto the portal – “Choose file” then click “Upload File” Also ensure the Breakage expiry box is filled in, this tends to be set to 90 days.

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Step 4: Once you have clicked upload file you will be taken to the below screen, where you will be able review your order before “Committing to Purchase”

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Step 5: Once you have committed to Purchase, the order will go through, and Gift card sent instantly to the recipient. The user who made the order will be taken to a final summary page of that order- At this point if you notice that the order is wrong you can cancel the card immediately as shown below


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3. Bulk Download:

Step 1: Go to "Create Order" and click "Bulk Download"

Step 2: Pick the products you want to purchase and select the Value & Quantity.

 Step 3: Click either "Add to Basket" if you want to select other products from the homepage to purchase or "Add to Basket and Checkout" if you have all the cards you require

Step 4: Once you go to check out you will be given the chance to review / edit the order at this stage. If you edit the order please click the button "Update Basked".  Once you are happy with your purchase click the button "Check Out"

Step 5; Once you have checked out and committed to the purchase, you will be taken to the order confirmation screen where you can download the CSV file with the URL links that you can then send to the recipient. 


Example Download File :

4. Creating and Order: Select Link

Step 1: Create a Product. Go to “WeGift Select” on the left- Hand side bar and “Create Product” + “New template”


Step 2: Fill in details for the template and select the brands that you wish to be included on this template. Key details to be filled in are shown in the image on the right : A) Banner Background & Colour B) Company Logo & C) Breakage period. Once Completed Save Template.


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Step 3. Send select link via Bulk Upload (steps outline in Creating Order: Bulk Upload). In the CSV file the product code will be the Select link Product code (As highlighted below)