What is a two-factor authentication app?

A two-factor authentication app (2FA) adds a layer of security to sign in to websites and services. The most popular way to do this is through a mobile phone and getting a text with 6 digits or through an app. You will then need to enter this unique code before you can finish signing in. This is a great way of protecting businesses from nefarious intentions. 

To ensure your security is priority number one, we are using Auth0 who is a trusted tech company to support us protect all of our user's accounts with 2FA.

Where can I download a 2FA app? 

We recommend downloading Google Authenticator! However, you can use other popular apps such as Microsoft Authenticator and Authy as an example.

Apple iOS users please go to the App Store, search for “Google Authenticator” and download the app to your mobile device. Google Android users will need to follow the same process and download the app from the Play Store.

You are now ready to move on to the setup guide!

*Please be aware that you can only download the app from a mobile device.