How do I use and set up the two-factor authentication app (2FA)?

1. Open up the Google Authenticator app and click on “Scan a QR code”. Then next, please scan the barcode as shown below.


2. Once you have scanned the barcode you will receive a 6-digit code in the app, which you should copy and paste into the box as shown below. Then click “Continue”.


3. Almost there! You will now be asked to copy your recovery code. Please keep it somewhere safe, as you will need it if you ever need to log in without your device. Click “Continue” and you will now be logged in safely and successfully! 

*To keep your account secure your "code" will be valid for up to 30 days, therefore after the 30 days you will be asked to scan and enter a new code using the app.

If you have experienced any issues during this setup, please feel free to contact our customer support team at To find out more information on 2FA, please visit the "What is a two-factor authentication app article".